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Dagli atelier d’architecture is a Luxembourg based contemporary architecture and design firm with focus on conceptional architecture. The firm was founded in 2005 by Türkan Dagli and is managed by Türkan Dagli, Mathias Eichhorn and Sebastian Müller.

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Luxembourg, LU

Türkan Dagli

Creations Beyond the Built

In this LIVE LECTURE series, architecture practices from around the world will share their work in regards to architectural production beyond the building, taking a look on how drawings and imagery can be more than just a „technical representation" of a physical space.

As the world comes to face a common challenge, people of the world are staying at home – with their personal space suddenly transforming into their office, fitness-studio and dancefloor. With the new Quarantine [LIVE LECTURE] Series, Mies. TV offers your home to become an architectural lecture hall as well. While we are all individually isolated, the potential for a new format of guest-lecture series arises, where inspiring thoughts and narratives are being communicated from the webcam of the architects to the screen of its audience.



Fala Atelier (PT)
2nd April 2020

8th April 2020

Point Supreme (GR)
15th April 2020

dagli+ (LU)
15th April 2020




01 Fala Atelier


2nd April 2020 – Quarantine [LIVE LECTURE] Series

In our first [LIVE LECTURE] Lera from Fala Atelier told us about their approach on architecture and how the young studio from Portugal design between rigid systems and their exceptions.

In the following Q&A, Mies. TV viewers between Australia and Texas were asking questions during the LIVE Stream, such as if they see their own work as cute. (Spoiler, no – but they admit the pink hues and cats)



8th April 2020 – Quarantine [LIVE LECTURE] Series

Our second [LIVE LECTURE] featured the young architecture practice of PALMA. Ilse and Diego discussed their projects, thoughts and views on their work during their presentation and talked about how they work between their well known collages, but also renderings and drawings.

In the following Q&A, Mies. TV viewers between Saudi Arabia and Transylvania were asking PALMA about their fast success as a young practice. PALMA's answer: Your first clients are friends and family!

03 Point Supreme


15th April 2020 – Quarantine [LIVE LECTURE] Series

Number three in our [LIVE LECTURE] Series featured the Greek practice of Point Supreme. Konstantinos, one of the founding partners, presented the work of the Athens-based practice, showing a variety of urban projects for their home city. Furthermore the lecture shared projects of their (ongoing) interior work where Point Supreme manages to carefully recreate new living environments with surprising spatial conditions.

In the following discussion with LIVE Questions from Lebanon to Portugal (by Fala Atelier), the discussion touched on topics such as working with material from the junk yard and how to create a certain level of sensibility in the projects.

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