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Why Does Beauty Matter? (2019)

A documentary by Mies. TV
of the Tallinn Architecture Biennale

The Tallinn Architecture Biennale (TAB 2019) curated by Yael Reisner has raised the issue of Beauty in architecture. A term, often ignored by todays architects, is the focus of the exhibition and symposium. Reisner has invited not only architects, but also experts from philosophy, mathematics and neurosciences to discuss their research on beauty.

Mies. TV has been invited by the TAB 2019 to not only host an exhibition about their video-interviews, but also to report on the Biennale itself, producing a documentary titled: 'Why Does Beauty Matter'

The video features in-depth interviews with curator Yael Reisner, along participating architects Sou Fujimoto, KTA, March Studio, Space Popular, Fologram, as well as Nick Luscombe (DJ), Graham Harman (philosopher), Ron Aharoni (mathematician) and Taylor Enoch (neuroscientist)



Beauty Matters, Just like Love, It’s Real!

– Yael Reisner


Yael Reisner Interview © Mies. TV

Mies. TV production Team
at Tallinn Architecture Biennale

Arian Lehner, Paula Brücke, Theresa Margraf, Chiara Desbordes


special thanks to

Architecture Center Estonia & Kirke Päss
Estonian Academy of Arts & Jaanika Sau

Call for TAB2021 out now

Why Does Beauty Matter? (EE, 2019)
Mies TV: 27min, english, english subtitles
Sou Fujimoto Interview © Mies. TV





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